Head Lice In-School Screening

Your child will be part of a head lice screening. Children will be discretely screened for head lice and if head lice are found, will privately be taken to the office. LouseCalls does their best to maintain as much privacy as possible.

*****On the day that your child’s class will be screened, we ask that all children’s heads are clean, well-brushed and dry. For girls with long hair, we ask that hair is clean, brushed, dry and braided to keep it knot free. This really helps to screen quickly and accurately. PLEASE, no gel or hairspray.

If your child is found to have head lice, LouseCalls offers same day, in-home head lice removal. Please feel free to call (561-376-1066) to schedule a same day appointment or visit our website (www.lousecalls.com) for further information.