Dear Lions Family,

The Beachside Montessori (BMV) PTSA is proud to announce our big fall fundraiser walk-a-thon/color-thon event, themed, “Welcome to the Green Side (Earth, Community & Each other).” The walk will take place at school on the baseball field on October 6th . We will not be doing boosterthon as the profits made in previous years had to be split in half with the company. Doing this walk will allow us to keep 100% of our profits. This fundraiser is in lieu of sending students home with the task of selling door-to-door, collecting money and delivering goods. Our goal is $27,000, which amounts to approximately $36 per child. Funds will be used for a variety of programs such as upper & lower school curriculum support, technology and 21st century learning. There will be opportunities for students to receive individual and class prizes.

Individual Prizes

$1-$35: green wrist band;

$36-$75: green wrist band and BMV Green T-shirt

$76-$120: all of the above, participate in the Green themed Party and a homework pass;

$121 or more: all of the above and lunch with administrators

The top three earners in the school will get these grand prizes: 1st Place: IPad Pro 2nd Place: IPad Mini, and 3rd Place: Fit Bit Hr

Classes will receive these associated prizes:

Overall top earning class will earn a pizza or an ice cream sundae party;

Classes with 100% participation in collecting pledges will be placed in a drawing to earn a free pizza party (one per grade).

Walks will be done by grades and parents are welcome to join (details on specific times will be sent out by the school). The upper school will take part in a color-thon. Pledges can be made online in our school store at or checks can be sent in your child’s folder. Checks should be made payable to BMV PTSA. Payment must be sent in with pledge sheets. Please remember that there are also opportunities for sponsorship (see tab on the left)

We cannot be successful with this walk if we do not pull together, I believe that we can do it and I am counting on your support. Let’s make this walk-a-thon a success!

Rules & Additional Information
  • Pledge sheets  and monies collected must be verified by parents;
  • To be eligible for prizes, pledge sheets (with cash and/or checks, payable to BMV PTSA) must be turned in to the BMV PTSA on or before September 29, 2017.Students should wear comfortable clothing and walking shoes on the day of the event.
 The BMV PTSA would like to thank you for your continued support and dedication to our school. If you have any additional questions, please email
Note: Pledges can also be made online in our school store