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The Adopt-A-Class program is a wonderful way to directly support the teachers at Beachside Montessori. Did you know, a recent survey of teachers across the U.S. showed that teachers nationwide are spending more than a $1 billion annually for their classrooms? Elementary teachers spent on average just over $500 of their own money on their classrooms last year and Middle school teachers spent nearly $300.

That's where the Beachside PTSA Adopt-A-Class program comes in. Each year the program provides an opportunity parents, other individuals and/or local businesses to sponsor teachers within the school. Beachside Montessori Village classes can be adopted for as little as a one-time donation of $50 for the Upper School classes and electives and $200 for the Lower School classrooms and Specials. Adoptions provide essential financial support directly into the classroom. Teachers must use the funds to purchase teaching materials and supplies to enrich the student's scholastic experience.

All companies or individual sponsors are recognized on the BMV PTSA website. Adoptions can be made online through BMV-PTSA online store.

For more information on this year’s program, please contact our Adopt-A-Class Coordinators, Michelle Williams and Judy Velez at