Our school administrators,teachers and parents work hard to ensure that additional clubs & organizations are available for our students to enhance their school experience.  These clubs & organizations are not organized by the PTSA but we are a village and in many cases work together to achieve a common goal.  We encourgae everyone to learn more and get involved.


In order for your child to participate, they will need their teacher's appoval. This approval is based on study skills, behavior, and work habits. Upper school students must also maintain a minimum of a 2.3 GPA in order to be eligible to participate in a club or organization. Some organizations may require a higher GPA. Students may need to audition, or possess some special skills, in order to be in a specific club.  The Student Activities Program Coordinator is Mrs. Restrepo. You can contact her at 754-323-8050 or email at Marye.Restrepo@browardschools.com

Click here to see a List of clubs.