Why Should I Volunteer?
When do I have time to volunteer, you ask yourself. I am too busy being a
parent! Volunteering is important for all of us. Volunteering at your child's
school may be one of the most important, life-altering things you can ever do
for your child.
Why, you ask? Because it sends a very clear message to them
(and other students, for that matter) that you're devoting your most precious
commodity--yourself--to something that's important to you--their
education.  It shows that you support them and their teachers, and lets them
know that what they do matters to you.

It's all about them... 
We're talking about our teachers and staff, the very teachers and staff who
nurture your child everyday throughout the school year. We need your helping
hands and smiling faces on our campus to help lighten the load for our staff,
giving them more time in the classroom.

We need you! 
The number one reason people don't volunteer is because no one asked them.
Well, we are asking for you to be involved! Your time and knowledge is
needed and wanted by our staff and students. We value the diversity of our community
and the experiences you can share with our students. Whether
it's a little time or a lot, either on campus or at home, whether you are a mom, dad or
grandparent, WE NEED YOU! We could not do it without each of you!