Welcome to Adopt A Class

Updated August 17, 2016 


100% of  funds go directly to the teachers!
Our goal is to ensure  that ALL Teachers, Electives & Specials are adopted.
If you are interested in being a sponsor, please use this form on the left menu bar for 2017/2018. 

To learn more about Beachside's Adopt A Class program, please refer to the "Useful Links" section to left and click on the link "What is Adopt A Class?"

For more information on this year’s program, please contact our Adopt-A-Class Coordinators, Cindy Valenchis or Alison Frasier at adoptaclass@bmvptsa.org.
We would like to thank the following Adopt a Class Donors:
The Primiano family
Carolyn Robertson
Jamie Summers
John and Samantha Kavanaugh
D&L Enterprises (Lisa Greenberger-Hunke)
Elizabeth Forde
The Horowitz family
Bober and Bober, P.A.
The Strauss family
Silvius Sfera
Dental Associates of Hollywood, Dr Rezaie
The Silitsky family
Premier Mobile Health Solutions
Katherine Bory
Kristin Rosendale
Ken and Audra Banks
Nicks Bar and Grill-the Ferro family
The Carrera family
The Rain Law Firm 
Perperia and Dimitri Emilien
Ashley Widensky 
Carmen and Darin Wolfe
Edwards Management Group, Inc
Yasmin Campbell
The Delmay Corporation
The Heller family
Jamie Landen (Drjamilanden.com) 
Maria Harrison
Benjamin Lee
Levin Field
Virna Valenzuela
Fara Benenfeld
Briana Schwarz 
The Dell family
Diana Michie
Amy Chen
Lisa Hayes
Adrian Williams
Francisco Robles