The cornucopia, or horn of plenty, is the symbol of abundance often representing the fall harvest. As a result, fruits and vegetables adorn our holiday tables and symbolize the wealth of food for the coming year. Make your own cornucopia this holiday season!

What you'll need:

  • 1 sheet of plain white paper
  • 1 sheet of black construction paper
  • Half sheets of construction paper: brown, black, purple, red, yellow, green and orange
  • White craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Cornucopia template Click here for the template

How to make it:

  1. Place white paper over template and trace the pattern lightly with a pencil.
  2. Trim white paper if needed to fit evenly in the center of the black sheet of construction paper. Glue in place.
  3. Tear (don’t cut) remaining construction paper into small squares, about ½” – 1” in size.
  4. Using the penciled pattern as your guide, glue torn pieces onto the white paper in this order:
    Brown – horn
    Black - horn mouth/rim
    Purple – grapes at top
    Red – apple to the right, below top grapes
    Purple – eggplant
    Red – apple below eggplant
    Green – leaves below apple
    Yellow – apple below top grapes
    Green and yellow – corn cob
    Green – leaves below corn
    Purple – grapes below corn cob
    Orange – pumpkin
  5. Glue torn pieces on for stems – brown for the grapes and pumpkin and black for the eggplant. You may also add stems for the apples if you prefer. Allow to dry completely.


  • Use this project to help explain why we give thanks during the Thanksgiving holiday and how the cornucopia symbolizes our bountiful harvests.
  • Save extra torn piece for another mosaic project.
  • Hang this on the refrigerator or the front door. Add a piece of yarn to the back as a hanger or hang up with a magnet.